Creating Functional Spaces

Interior Space Design for everyone
Kauthuk is a brand that is envisioned to create exciting work and living spaces combining the most modern outlook and traditional design concepts matching the requirements of the customer. Our team combines the best design minds, artists, artisans, technicians and managers to deliver a spec adhered and timely completion work.
Who we are?:
20+ Years of experience in providing interior design and contractual services for residential and commercial spaces.
  • On time delivery of projects
  • Expert team to handle various works
  • Blending traditional design with modern concepts
  • New Age Design Experts for Home and Work Spaces
  • Automated and tech enabled project management
  • Total solution specialists for Home Interior, Art & Decor
What we offer:
  1. Interior Design and Work Contract – Living Spaces, Work Spaces, Small Office/Work Space Chains
  2. Modular Furniture Wardrobes, Kitchens, Dining Unit, Living Space Units, Home Office
  3. Traditional Design – Carved Furniture, Panels, Ceiling Units, Decor Crafts, Souvenir
  4. Eco Living Spaces – Bamboo Villas, Ceilings, Panels
  5. Landscaping – Exterior & Interior Green Designing

Our Core Capabilities:

  • Design & Execution of Total Interior Solutions
  • After Delivery Service Guarantee
  • Workforce Sourcing & Management
  • Multi City Work Execution
  • Centralized Reporting and Work Status Updates
  • Customer Centered Design Solutions
  • Quality Checks & Specs Adherence