Customised Kitchen Designs

Kitchen designs matched to needs & style

At Kauthuk, we want you to love your Dream kitchen!
Kauthuk is the best choice for designing your kitchen’s interior and renovation in India. Our team of experienced Designers has creative ideas to transform your kitchen space into a beautiful cooking and dining area.
Kauthuk has expertise in designing beautiful kitchens that make your home feel welcoming and comfortable. We provide excellent services, including.

  1. Layout and plan Design
  2. Construction, and Project management
  3. Electrical and Lighting fixtures installation
  4. Appliances, countertops and flooring
  5. Selection of cabinetry

Design your Dream Kitchen with Kauthuk Today!
We offer 24*7 consultation services to help you visualize the final look of your dream kitchen before committing to it. Kautuk’s Kitchen Interior Design helps you to convert your dream kitchen designs into reality.
Contact us today if you want our kitchen design and remodel services.
Why Choose Us?
We provide flexible custom design services to enthusiastic and busy home owners alike.
At Kauthuk, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible kitchen remodelling design services.
Why Choose Kauthuk for Your Kitchen?
Experienced Designers: Kauthuk has experienced designers and profoundly understands trending kitchen designs and techniques. We are passionate about creating astonishing and functional kitchens that impress our clients.
Customized Solutions: We offer stunning solutions that meet our client’s requirements. We help you from designing your kitchen from scratch to designing a flourishing kitchen. We make everything smooth as possible.
Superb-Quality Materials: We use only superb (high-quality) materials for your kitchen designs. Our team comprises the best suppliers and skilled manufacturers to ensure your kitchen is built to last.
Affordable Pricing: We offer affordable pricing for your kitchen design and remodel services.
Customer Satisfaction: We are always committed to our clients that are satisfied with the final result. We listen to our client’s requirements to understand their needs and work accordingly.

What do we do?
Our Kitchen Designs speaks for itself modern luxury and understated elegance that feels fresh All times.

  1. Countertop and Backsplashes
  2. Kauthuk counterparts have the power to change the look of your kitchen. Our experienced team works with granite and quartz in order to make your kitchen look the best.

  3. Kitchen Remodelling

    We add New appliances in your kitchen space, replaced your cabinets and counterparts, and plumbing and lighting updated to make your Dream kitchen.

  4. Cabinet Refacing

    We reface your cabinets, replace doors, drawers and cover the cabinet in wood veneer to give them a perfect look.

  5. Flooring

    We understand that the flooring is done with other updates. So, we work with carpet tile, hardwood, LVP, and stone flooring.

Service Expertise:

  • Wood Carved Ceiling Treatment
  • Large Size Mural & Wall Art​
  • Eco & Sustainable Interiors​
  • Seating & Antique Style Furniture Design
  • Carpets & Curtains
  • Wall & Ceiling Treatments