Interior Designers in Mumbai

Kauthuk: Not just Interior designs but Renovations We Do!

Being highly creative, our expert designers have strong organizational and management skills that are essential to completing any project. For this, it makes Kauthuk Interior Designers in Mumbai the best also, due to our due diligence and expertise, we are the most recommended interior designers in Mumbai.

Our Professional Team of Experts attend international trade fairs to ensure every Design we make is current and up to date. We always choose materials from well-known international suppliers with a reputation as luxury interior designers in Dubai.

Choosing The Right Colours to Make Your Space Looks Highly Attractive

We all know that the Colours play an important role in creating ambience and play a major role in the right decoration.
Kauthuk’s colour scheme can set the tone of your interior space. We give you basic interior design ideas from light to dark colours.
We Choose the colours to make a statement and make your interior stand out! So, what are you looking for? Just Step out for the most beautiful colour scheme selection for your interior!

Build Your Home with a Beautiful Interior Design

If you want to have beautiful aesthetics for your home interior, then choose Kauthuk. Kauthuk is a powerful interior design platform built with you.

  1. Produce 4K photo-realistic renderings on demand.
  2. Advanced lighting options and visualization settings.
  3. Real-time 3D editing capabilities.

Your Dream Home is waiting for you at Mumbai!

We can envision your dream down on paper to make it a reality. We save time and avoid costly mistakes that value your home. Our Top-class Creative Professionals will make your vision a reality.

Wow Factor

Our professional designers advise you when making aesthetic decisions. We make the “wow” factor you always have been looking for. It enhances the space and the quality of your life and makes your home look aesthetically beautiful.

OUR PROCESS – The 9 Steps

We will help you at every step to ensure you get the best possible results.
1. Let’s chat
We discuss everything with you, your desired budget, and the design process, and show previous projects with you. If you have any questions or concerns, we may clear out.

2. Yes, let’s do it
After discussing, if you feel we can work together, if you have doubts, we will give you a free proposal and meet again to get a brief of that.

3. Concept Design
Once the design brief and fee given by you and a green flag, we will work on interior concepts and architecture & landscape concepts.

4. Design Development
Once the interior concepts are approved, we develop the drawings to the schematic level, which includes material & furniture selections so we can start with the 3D visuals. This will give a photo-realistic image of your space.

6. Construction Period
We attend weekly site meetings to answer all design queries and inspect all works on site.

8. Installing
Once construction is complete and the site is clean, we oversee installing soft FF&E items such as furniture, curtains, and lighting.

9. Styling
We add accessories to the spaces to give them depth and a sense of personality.

Kauthuk: Your one-stop-shop Solution for All Interior Designing Needs in Mumbai

Kauthuk: Your one-stop-shop for all exceptional kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, kids’ section, IT Offices, home interiors, banks and NFCs, and bath design services.
Since 2005, we have used a design process that was seamlessly made for you. WE have a mission to offer you the design solutions that are required for designing your dream home.
Our craze for designing drives us to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and products. Our exceptionally good team of creative designers collaborates with homeowners from start to finish, ensuring an astonishing result that exceeds your expectations.

At Kauthuk, we believe in the long conversation from your dreams to your budget. Our excellent approach guarantees a custom-tailored design that reflects your vision, while our attention to detail ensures flawless execution.


Every Design we create is designed to fit your lifestyle. You can Tell us more about yourself by filling out our application form, and we will contact you.
Our approach to Design saves time and money while yielding the same customized, beautiful, highly functional results.
Design service

Are you Looking for a stunning Design for your room in Mumbai?

Are you Looking for a stunning Design for your room and wish you had an expert designer by your side? Well, for this, we can help!
By booking a tour to our personalized design service, our expert designers will happily provide you with the room of your dreams tailored to your needs and budget.

What we Offer?

You only have to book an appointment; one of our designers will contact you to discuss the project via phone or video. For more details, we will send you a questionnaire to know your needs and dreams. After that we start designing your dream home.
Our complete Design Project includes:
• Materials, finishes, paint colours or other wall finishes, furniture, and accessories
• Detailed floor plan including accessories, lighting, dimensions,
• Detailed 3D drawing


    1. What do interior Designers charge?

It depends. It depends upon the kind of material, décor, space, budget of yours, type of furniture, colours, accessories and many other things. Usually, it costs around 1.50 lakhs for 1 BHK.

    1. Is warranty and security provided by kauthuk interior designers?

Yes. We give you warranty on high quality materials only.

  1. Which are the best modular kitchen designs in Mumbai?

Kitchens are the heart of any space, its where your mother, sister or wife spends half of their day. So to appreciate their efforts Kauthuk design a kitchen that attracts your attention and give it a fresh look. Here are some designs:

  1. U-shaped
  2. G-shaped
  3. L-space
  4. Neutral tones, mocha themed etc
  1. What makes a Good Interior Designer?

The diverse style and techniques make you the best interior designer. Kauthuk interior designers in Mumbai has all this along with 100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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