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Luxury yet Modern yet Simple and Elegant Designs of the Residence in Vijayawada

Kauthuk, was specialized in designing and combining traditional with modern. We design Luxury residences in Vijayawada, Office interiors, best Bank furnishing, IT offices, security systems, landscaping and garden designs by keeping the topography of the place.

The cultural ethnicity of the family is comforted by the luxury yet modern yet simple and elegant designs of the residence.

To make you comfortable, we listen to your thoughts completely. The room is yours, and we have to work according to your requirements.

Astonishing and Luxurious Interior Designing Experts in Vijayawada

Kauthuk is also known for designing luxurious restaurants in Vijayawada. We keep in mind the scenic beauty of the place.

Our placement of tables, chairs, and luxurious furniture creates a vibe that takes center stage after the design process. While designing any type of space whether its your home or IT office, we keep in mind the customer’s comfort; thus, we design the furniture accordingly. The best interior designers in Vijayawada have, time and again, stressed the importance of the aesthetics of the place.

Each space has a different requirement, so each design provides more exposure and new technology.

What sets us Apart?

  1. 3D Modelling
  2. Kauthuk always trusts 3D Modelling to choose the right design because a 2D picture is not enough to decide which interior design is best for you.

  3. Civil Work
  4. We offer various services, including flooring, electrical filling, and plumbing, to make your space a perfect piece of art.

  5. Furniture
  6. We understand that furniture is the center of attraction while designing any space; we use furniture designed with Japanese technology, thus getting you a whole new look.

  7. Modular Kitchen
  8. Kauthuk designed a modular kitchen that has to be well organized and staffed with all the modern amenities. Therefore, we designed it with open shelves, elegant interiors, and more.

  9. Wall Painting
  10. Kauthuk’s works on the background transformed them into amazing Wall art, Wall Mural, and Wall Texture, all with proper illustration.

Unmatched Dedication and Professionalism in Vijayawada

Are you searching for dedicated and professional interior designers in Vijayawada? Then look no further than Kauthuk interior designers. We have a professional team of designers that put their level best to enhance the beauty of any space without breaking the bank. We visualize your architectural imagination and thus design an interior design that is the best-customized solution according to your suit and requirements.

We are not only taking your interior designing responsibility, but we execute the plan with utmost dedication and professionalism. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and see the magic we create in your space. With Kautuk by your side, your dreams come true with a hole in your pocket. Trust me, you get the world-class interior designing experts by your side with Kauthuk!
All you have to do is sit back, relax, and see the magic we create in your space.

What We Offer?

  1. Expertise & Experience
  2. Our design-thinking approach emanates from our skills as well as our experience. Kauthuk worked on various projects and had a challenge that always brought us appreciation from our customers.

  3. Versatile Designs
  4. We can design & execute tasks with versatility. Our versatility of craft helps us design a luxurious villa or an astonishing home.

  5. Award-Winning Designs
  6. We’ve won several awards for our expertise in designing living rooms, modular kitchens, bathrooms, banks & NFC, and much more.

How We Work?

01 Meet with Talented Interior Designers in Vijaywada
We have 20+ years of interior design experience; we cover not only Vijayawada but 20+ states. We realize your dreams and design a specific space for you.

02 Collaborate with Interior Designers and Create a wonderful space
We designed a specifically customized space with your preferences, style, and taste. See the magic we create with your space.

03 Bring your design home with ease.
We easily design your home interiors and thus bringing the design at competitive price. All you have to do is sit back and see the magic Kauthuk was create in designing your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Kauthuk in Vijayawada work within my budget?
  2. The budget will be unrestricted for us to deliver the best design solutions for your home. We can reuse the existing furniture. We help you to get discounts from other brands and be assured you’re working with the best designers, irrespective of your budget.

  3. Can I use my existing furniture in my new design?
  4. Kauthuk’s design service allows you to reuse and rebuild your existing furniture. We can help you choose the right package during checkout and will design your room by weaving in old and new seamlessly.

  5. What is the trending Interior Designs in 2023?

Here is the list of trending interior designs in 2023:

  1. Indian Traditional
  2. Art Deco Style
  3. Bohemian Style
  4. Modern Style
  5. Minimalist Interior Design
  6. Scandinavian Interior Design
  1. How much does interior designing cost in Vijayawada?

The cost of interior designing varies usually it depends upon the size, materials used, the scope of the work.

  1. 1 BHK- Starting at 1.50 Lakhs
  2. 2 BHK- Starting at 3 Lakhs
  3. 3 BHK starting at 4 Lakhs

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