Interior Designers in Kochi

Modern, Elegant, and Antique Designs are waiting for you!

If you are looking for the best interior designers’ experts in Kochi, India, look no further than Kauthuk, the best interior design specialist. Our professional team of experts has served clients since 1990; we prove ourselves in every part of India. Kauthuk is known for turkey and Japanese interior design providers in Kochi.

We cover all kinds of interiors, from bungalows to small houses, from antiques to modern, and from IT offices to banks furnishing we cover all!

We offer modern Home interiors, elegant office interiors, and antique designs; you can rely on us for commercial to residential space, showrooms to restaurants, hotels to saloons, small clinics to hospitals.
We make your space stunning and functional as per your taste and modify your commercial or residential space into a beautiful space,

Why are we best?

We are a well-known name in the interior designing industry; we treat every project as ours. Our experts are professional home designers and have earned dignity in the interior designing industry. Kauthuk construes regional roots of architecture and provides consistent services in designing solutions for unique retail, commercial, healthcare, and residential architects.

We pick our team members that are already doing well in their fields and ensure they get the best experience that you are always looking for. We believe in maintaining a long-time relationship with our clients.
We are the best multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary interior designing company and the Interior design firms in Kochi, Kerala,

We create a space that is authentic as well as innovative. Our major focus is delivering the dynamic and emerging needs of our clients.

Why choose Kauthuk as Your interior designer in Kochi?

Kauthuk’s leading projects are published in well-known magazines.

1. Experienced
Our team has 23 years of experience and strives to give you the best.

2. Free Consultation
Providing different consultations for every project, we have experts from different fields.

3. Superior Quality
Our USP lies in our unmatched quality; by hiring us, you get quality with experience.

4. Smooth Process
The process makes us different. We take an approach to deliver quality with timeliness.

5. Competitive Rates
Delivering premium services at competitive rates is our specialty.

6. Honest & Dependable
Hire young, skilled professionals and see the magic they bring to you!

Our Services

  1. Residential
  2. Your comfort is guaranteed, a heaven for you, trust me! We put together all three things: our Money, creativity, and Effort, and thus, we bring a perfect home. Kauthuk uses its magic to light your dream! Kauthuk offers you countless satisfaction levels.

  3. Commercial
  4. Our commercial designing services include public spaces and govt buildings like schools, banks, retail, and other public spaces. While starting, we always plan to conceptualize spaces for businesses.

  5. Office Interior Designers
  6. Kauthuk, the best interior designer in Kochi, provides the best office interior design plans that suit your budget and needs.

Inferior designs
Ger 3D Visualization of your space by just choosing our superior interior designing services

High-Quality Products
Get high-quality products that include customized furniture manufactured at the state-of-the-art workshops.

Truly transparent services handling projects with superior monitoring

On-time delivery
Complete every project on time, guaranteed!
Comfortable Yet Aesthetically Beautiful Interior Designs For your Home

The Decorating Interior Designs in Kochi for your home can bring joy and happiness to your space.

Your home’s astonishing interior design is comfortable and reflects your personal style. We choose colors that complement the Furniture and décor of your space.
WE incorporate elegant curtains to add visuals and creativity to your space. The lights also played a major role. Therefore, We understand that and create lights that can be enhanced with sheer curtains, blinds, cozy lighting features, and a comfortable ambiance. We add Furniture to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

Our Design Approach

We take responsibility and aim to meet the highest industry standards for design, create a beautiful and functional space, and care for the overall quality of the space.
We work with commercial properties and developers in our area and analyze your brand identity, customer base, and retail lifestyle preferences. It will help us create a top-quality, tailored customer experience that engages and educates your target audience.

Our team works closely in a collaborative, flexible manner with trusted local contractors, artisans, and craftspeople so that we can cater to all your interior design needs.

Trusted Partner By Your Side: Kauthuk Best interior Designing Solution Providers in Kochi

We create a mark outside and provide you with end-to-end services; we work with some of the biggest names in the interior designing industry and serve celebrities and the biggest industrialists.
Kauthuk professionals are innovative, luxurious, and thoughtful and take every project as a challenge; we take an innovative approach and meet new age-built environment.

With substantial construction and design services, we offer a wide range of luxury spaces that meet international standards. We have gained experience with international interior designers, architects in India, and project professionals who have the expertise to be your perfect partner in designing your living room, bathroom, kitchen, dining room and much more. We pay attention to minor details, and our efficient project manager delivers commendable results and maintains 100 % transparency in our relationships and results.

How do I choose the right designer for me?

First account their experience and expertise areas, other thing you can take is whether the person is a good listener or he just do whatever he already decided. Account what other clients said about them.

How does it work?

Every interior design company works differently. So my suggestion was to select a few designers by going through their website or looking at their portfolio. Then contact them or reach out to them by phone or meeting. And then see what the designer offers you and decide whether they are a good option for you or not.

What type of projects does Kauthuk do?

Kauthuk interior designers offers 24*7 Consultation services, Designing packages office interior designs, home designs, IT Office designs residential homes and commercial projects.

Do Kauthuk offer discounts for multiple rooms?

There are no discounts, but if you insist then we can offer discounts if you want to renovate your whole home, we give you 10% discounts, besides this we offer free consultation services. 

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