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Kauthuk: Bathroom Designing Services: Your Vision is Our Creation!

Kauthuk is a well-known name in operating family-operated interior designs and has 20 years of experience in designing and renovating bathrooms. Kauthuk’s expert designs, managers, and constructors are specialized in designing all types of suits in bathroom design and remodels. 

Our interior designers are here to create your dream bathroom; your vision is our creation!
There is no job too big or small for us, from small bathroom designs to larger bathroom designs, we covered all! If you are looking for trending designs for renovating your old bathroom, there’s no such thing as big or small for us! Hire our renovating team of designers and see the magic they create for you!

Our Bathroom interior designers, fully powered by Kauthuk, reflect the great traditions of a classical mix of modern trending styles. Our bathroom exterior design with an oval bath is raised at the low podium and is decorated with mosaic tiles in colourful designs. 

Warranty Guaranteed!

When you trust us for your bathroom remodelling design and interior design, then you won’t feel regret; the Kauthuk team is diligent, project detail-oriented, and highly experienced and skilled team members. 

Simple & Elegant Bathroom Interior Design Providers in India

Kauthuk presents best renovating services and provides excellent bathroom design services by taking care of principles of minimalism. Colourful schemes, shiny tiles, and the best wood finishes add a touch of warmth to your colourful space.

What do we offer?

1. Floating Vanity
2. Open Shelf
3. Open Shelf Storage 
4. A massive mirror with striped colourful lights.
5. Glass partition shower area.
6. Edison bulbs near the Shower
7. Laundry section with shelves
8. Anti-slip tiled flooring

Why are we the Best?

 1. 5 Stars Rating Recommended by most of our customers

2. Remarkable results Clients are impressed with the final reveal! Proven to be an excellent professional service provider in India

3. 5,000+  Counting more than 5,000 designs

Kauthuk: Best Customise Plan

Kauthuk presents customized plans for their customers for any size, whether your bathroom is small or big, if we have all! So why not collaborate with Kauthuk designers via conferences and explore a custom plan for your dream bathroom

Kauthuk: Best Curated Plan

Kauthuk presents the best-curated plan for smaller bathrooms. If you are looking for a small bathroom design, contact us for an expert opinion; you can also contact us by email. You can also update your existing space and modify the existing floor plan. 

Service Expertise:

  • Split AC Installation
  • Cassette AC Installation​
  • Ducted Centralized Air-conditioning Systems​
  • Portable Air Conditioning
  • Total Air Conditioning Solutions