Fire & Panic Alarm Systems

Fire & Panic Alarm Systems

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Kauthuk: One stop Solution in this service-driven industry

Kauthuk fire installation service providers test, install, and repair fire alarm and panic systems such as extinguishers, reels, hydrants, foam generating equipment, passive fire and smoke containment systems, fire blankets, exit lighting, fire and smoke doors, etc.

Our Services

  1. Protects human life and property from fire damage using fire prevention techniques.
  2. Keeps up to date with fire alarm systems’ latest trends and technologies.
  3. Consult with architects to design safe buildings or vehicles.
  4. Researches with the use of advanced modeling systems,
  5. Tests the ability of alarm systems to suppress fire or performs research on existing fire prevention techniques.
  6. Analyzing fire risks and developing safeguards.

Why choose Kauthuk for Installing Fire and Panic Alarms?

  1. FPAS Accredited
  2. Affordable Pricing
  3. Preventative Maintenance
  4. Online Reporting
  5. One-Stop Shop
  6. 24/7 Services
  7. Communicates Effectively

From fire equipment inspections to design and installation We cover all

Fire & Panic Alarm Systems Services, provided by Kauthuk, has more than two decades of experience in installation, repair, and maintenance and specializes in project management, compliance, and client management.
Kauthuk is a one-stop solution. In this customer service-driven industry, we aim to exceed our clientele’s needs and expectations, providing them with safe and effective fire protection and panic alarms.
Kauthuk has been providing quality fire safety protection for all of its clients. We are certified, insured, and comply with international standards.
Our services, from fire equipment inspections to design and installation, keep our customers safe and protect them from potential fire hazards.

How We Work?

Unbeatable. Uninterrupted. Protection.
1. Installation- For new and upgraded alarm systems.
2. Alarm Inspection-  for construction or insurance.
3. Fire Alarm Testing- This includes commercial fire drills.
4. Maintenance- For Top Performance
Nationally certified professionals ready to help you every day. So why wait? Contact us today!

We Cover Every Industry

We know that Every business needs protection. That’s why we offer fire protection services for every industry

  1. Factories
  2. Data
  3. Retail
  4. Office
  5. Municipal offices
  6. Restaurants
  7. Warehouses
  8. Hospitals
  9. Schools
  10. Libraries

Saving lives. Preventing loss. Serving businesses.

Service Expertise:

  • Fire Detector Systems
  • Fire Alarm Panels​
  • Acoustic or Visual signaling​ Devices
  • Panic Help Systems
  • Voice & Video Signals
  • Remotely controlled Infra