Security Camera Systems​

Security Camera Systems​

Agile Security Solutions & Services
Kauthuk: Best Security Camera Systems ProviderKauthuk Security Cameras solutions is a team of professionals in the technological surveillance arena.We are expertised to work with small technical projects to technically heavy projects and serve our customers what we have best and are ready to serve customers nationwide.Our technical know how with the top brands in the world lets us get the best security cameras and equipment for your home or business.Our CCTV installation experts are specialists with the expertise to integrate security solutions for your commercial property, building, school, or home.Kauthuk, your trusted partner protecting you, your employees, and your property, begins with high-quality installation services and ends with an easy-to-use, NDAA-compliant camera security camera system.

Catering to customers of all sizes From Small to Large Businesses

Catering to customers of all sizes, including small to larger businesses, home honor, state and federal government entities, and much more.We provide our customers with the best security camera buying experience we offer.From the beginning to post-sales technical support, we strive to bring you what is best for you!

Why we are Best?

  1. Engineering:Our experts leverage years of experience in security vulnerabilities and design a security camera system that proactively and proactively mitigates these vulnerabilities.
  2. White Glove ServiceWe treat security systems as critical components, and we treat them as such. We are your trusted partner for designing, installing, and monitoring your security camera. We did all!
  3. Large and LocalizedWe deliver world-class security solutions. Whether the task is small or oversized, we pride ourselves on serving that.
  4. Manage RemotelyWith Kauthuk, you can Manage your CCTV   system on any device. You can easily set up, cancel the access, and tailor every location.
  5. Automatically Sync UsersYou can update and import users with your favourite identity providers, like G Suite, Azure, and Okta.
  6. Troubleshoot Hardware Online You can track your hardware’s status and take every diagnostic action from anywhere.
  7. Granular and Site-Level Access Landlords can grant access to high-traffic areas, such as lobbies or central offices while allowing tenants to control access to their offices with immediate virtual zoning for quick subleasing turnaround.

Service Expertise:

  • Security & Surveillance Systems
  • Security Camera Network Infra​
  • Digital video recording solutions (DVR, NVR, XVR)​
  • Security Alarm Systems
  • Biometric Devices and Solutions